SAE J1508 hose clamp classification 1 2 3 4 5 6 group

Date:Jul 20, 2019

SAE J1508 hose clamps have been grouped by their basic design and functional characteristics:

Group #1 (Types “A,” “AHH,” “B,” “D,” “C,” “F,” “FEO,” “FE,” “HD,” “I,” “M,” “MX,” “TB,” “SSC,” and “G”

Group #2 (Types “E,” “CTB,” or “CTW”)

Group #3 (Types “SLA,” “SLF,” “SLTF,” “SLHD,” “T,” “SLTB,” “SSPC,” and “SLFEO”

Group #4, (Types “J,” “OES,” “TE,” “SEC”)

Group #5 (Type “LP”)

Group #6 (Type “H”) 


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