ISO 7619-1 Rubber harness durometer method pdf standrad

Date:Jun 20, 2019

BS EN ISO 7619-1:2010 Rubber, vulcanized or thermoplastic  Determination of indentation hardness, Durometer method (Shore hardness).

This  ISO 7619-1 specifies a method for determining the indentation hardness (Shore hardness) of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubber using durometers with the following scales:

⎯ the A scale for rubbers in the normal-hardness range;

⎯ the D scale for rubbers in the high-hardness range;

⎯ the AO scale for rubbers in the low-hardness range and for cellular rubbers;

⎯ the AM scale for thin rubber test pieces in the normal-hardness range.


Principle and choice of ISO 7619-1 durometer type

The property measured is the depth of penetration of a specified indenter forced into the material under specified conditions.

When using durometers, the scale should be chosen as follows:

⎯ for values less than 20 with a type D durometer: type A;

⎯ for values less than 20 with a type A durometer: type AO;

⎯ for values over 90 with a type A durometer: type D;

⎯ for thin test pieces (less than 6 mm thick): type AM.

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