ISO 175 plastic test immersion in liquid chemicals pdf standard

Date:Jun 20, 2019

BS EN ISO 175 : 2010 standard is for Plastics Methods of test for the determination of the effects of immersion in liquid chemicals.


This ISO 175 International Standard specifies a method of exposing test specimens of plastic materials, free from all external restraint, to liquid chemicals, and methods for determining the changes in properties resulting from such immersion. It does not cover environmental stress cracking (ESC) which is dealt with by the various parts of ISO 22088.

It only considers testing by immersion of the entire surface of the test specimen 1).

It is applicable to all solid plastics that are available in the form of moulding or extrusion materials, plates, tubes, rods or sheets having a thickness greater than 0,1 mm. It is not applicable to cellular materials.

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