ISO 1307 pdf tolerance hose size standard

Date:Jun 20, 2019

BS EN ISO 1307 standard is a scope for Rubber and plastics hoses including Hose sizes, minimum and maximum inside diameters, and tolerances on cut-to-length hoses.


This ISO 1307 International Standard specifies the sizes of rubber and plastics hoses and the minimum and maximum inside diameters permitted for each hose size. For this purpose, hoses are divided into four types according to the process by which they are manufactured. The standard also specifies tolerances on cut-to-length rubber and plastics hoses for industrial and automotive applications. This standard is intended to be used with the

relevant hoses product standard unless there is justification for using a different hose size or unless a hose size needs a different inside-diameter range for a particular application.


Hose sizes and ID tolerances by ISO 1307 manufacturing type

The sizes of rubber and plastic hoses and their respective inside-diameter ranges shall be in accordance with Table 1. Four types are specified, according to the process used to manufacture them:

⎯ type A: hoses built using a rigid mandrel for inside-diameter control;

⎯ type B: hoses built using a flexible mandrel for inside-diameter control (plus plastic hydraulic hoses made with or without a mandrel

⎯ type C: hoses built without using a mandrel (non-mandrel-built);

⎯ type D: flexible extruded plastics hoses (type D does not include spiral-reinforced plastics suction and discharge hoses, which are classified as type C)

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