Tube To Port Flare Flange

Flare Flanges connection tube to port system
SAE J518 four-screw one-piece flare flange connection TP

Flare flange tube to port connection SAE J518 code 61/62


Tube to port flare flange is no-weldiing pipe and tube connections in high mand medium pressure. Two SAE flare flange clamps are machined with 37 degree cone, An insert with flanged head o-ring connections, o-ring for 37 degree cone groove.

All flare flange clamps of 4-bolt dimensions is the same to SAE J518 / ISO 6162 standards, the differences is connection way: Flare flange system is for the deburred tube end is flared to 37°.An insert, soft sealed by an O-Ring, is located into each pipe end. By tightening the flanges together, a soft sealed, high pressure tube connection is made. Split flange clamp system is used for tightening the flanged head with types of tube connectors and hose fittings, or flange plugs connection. The same sealing connection is O-ring flat face connection, the same SAE flange port dimensions.


Material of Flare flange couplings:

Carbon steel C45; Stainless steel 304, 316 or 316L.


All carbon steel flare flange connection system shall be plated or coated with a suitable material that passes a 72-h salt spray test in accordance with ASTM B117 (ISO 9227). 

Assembly of Flare flange connection from tube to port as the belowed picture:

SAE Flare flange coupling type

Flare 37 degree flange coupling assembly

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