SAE 3000 Flanges

SAE One-piece Flange clamp system
ISO 6162-1, SAE J518C code 61 3000 PSI
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SAE 3000 psi Flange Clamps: one-piece flange clamp system

Introduction of hydraulic fluid power- flange connections with one-piece flange clamps and metric or inch screws:

1. Working pressure of SAE code 61 series flange clamps is 3000 PSI, 3,5 MPa (35 bar) to 35 MPa (350 bar).

2. SAE Flange clamps dimensions is according to ISO 6162-1:2012. ISO Nominal Size: DN 13; DN 19; DN 25; DN 32; DN 38; DN 51; DN 64; DN 76; DN 89; DN 102; DN 127; Inch size: 1/2";3/4";1";1 1/4";1 1/2";2";2 1/2";3".

3. Material of SAE one-piece flange clamp is made of carbon steel C45 with properties in the following condition: 

For nominal flange size DN 13:

minimum yield strength: 220 MPa

minimum elongation at fracture: 3 %

and for all other nominal flange sizes:

minimum yield strength: 415 MPa

minimum elongation at fracture: 3 %

4. The external surface Corrosion protection of all carbon steel SAE flange clamps,shall be protected with an appropriate coating to pass a minimum 72-h salt spray test in accordance with ISO 9227.

5. Test requirement for pressure/temperature: Flange type connections conforming to this part of ISO 6162 shall be subjected to the burst and cyclic endurance tests specified in ISO 19879 to verify that they meet the specified pressure/temperature requirements. It shall be suitable for use at the working pressures given in Tables 2 when used at temperatures between -40 °C and +120 °C. Flange connections conforming to this part of ISO 6162 shall not be assembled at temperatures lower than -20 °C.

6. Designation of one piece flange clamps connections

    One-piece flange clamp of size DN 25: Clamp ISO 6162-1, FC×25

Chart of SAE Flange Clamps ISO 6162-1

Dimensions, torques and maximum working pressures for one-piece flange assemblies for use with inch screws

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