Hydraulic Flange Fittings

​Hydraulic flange fittings dimension is conform to SAE J518 and ISO 6162 4-bolt flange connection, fittings ends are designed with crimped-ferrule hose end, ISO 8434 series tube connector, socket weld and butt weld, Female port such as Metric, BSPP, UNF, NPT, BSPT port connections.

Hydraulic flange fittings dimension is conform to SAE J518 and ISO 6162 4-bolt flange connection, fittings ends are designed with crimped-ferrule hose end, ISO 8434 series tube connector, socket weld and butt weld, Female port such as Metric, BSPP, UNF, NPT, BSPT port connections.  


hydraulic flange fittings types asfollows:

Hydraulic flange block fittings also called sae 4-bolt block flange fittings, it is designed with sae flange o ring groove dimensions, sae flange flat face port dimensions, flange block fittings end is designed with SAE ORB port, NPT port, BSPP port, socket weld and butt weld types.

hydraulic flange fitting block adapter connectionSAE 4 bolt flange block assembly

Hydraulic flange hose fittings also called sae flange head hose fittings, assemble with split flange halves.SAE flange head is designed with o-ring groove dimensions including 3000 psi and 6000 psi working pressure, hose end is designed with interlock 9000 psi, sprial hose 6000psi, wire hose 3000 psi.  there are two piece sae hose flange and one piece hose flange fittings suit for various construction of hydraulic hoses.

hydraulic flange hose fittings connection

Hydraulic flange tube fittings also called sae flange adapters, assemble with sae flange clamps.SAE flange head is designed with o-ring groove dimensions. Flange tube fittings ends is available in straight thread port SAE ORB, metric, BSPP and UNF; taper thread port NPT, BSPT. shapes have straight, elbow, cross, tee etc.To connect hydraulic tubing, hydraulic piping, hydraulic hose assembly. working pressure type have code 62 flange adapters and code 61 flange adapters.

hydraulic flange fittings adapter connectionSAE Flange Fitting Adaptors dimensions

Hydraulic flange weld fittings also called sae weld flange fittings, welding tube connection permantly.SAE flange head is from ISO 6162 standard design, weld fittings ends are availble in socket weld, butt weld connections.it is assemble with SAE flange clamp by 4 bolts tightening.

 hydraulic flange fittings braze on tube

hydraulic flange fittings socket weld butt weld connection

Material types of hydraulic sae flange fittings and adapters:

Stainless steel hydraulic hose flange fittings

Carbon steel hydraulic sae flange adapters


Standards of hydraulic flange fittings

The 4-bolt flange connections conforming to SAE J518 and ISO 6162-1 and -2 are proven, leak-free connections, especially suited for larger sizes, higher pressures and assembly in tight quarters. Threaded port connections such as SAE straight thread O-ring and ISO 6149 are reasonably easy to assemble and provide 6000 psi and higher pressure capability up to size

12 (M27). Beyond this size the pressure rating starts to decrease and assembly torques increase rapidly. The 4-bolt flange port connections provide ability to connect larger sizes and achieve higher-pressure capability at reasonable assembly torques. 


Videos of hydraulic flange fittings types introductions:


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Hydraulic flange fitting connection work

The four-bolt flange connection (SAE J518) is a proven leak-free connection, especially suited for larger sizes. As a result, it has achieved worldwide acceptance.

The connections success is in its simplicity. It is a static face seal using a high durometer O-ring for the seal and clampsand bolts for holding power as shown in Fig. L3. Alternatively, a bonded seal plate is between the port face and the flat face of a mechanically formed flanged tube as shown in Fig. L4 to achieve the same results.

Hydraulic flange fittings Four Bolt Flange Connection SAE J518_副本

The (O-ring) seal is compressed between the bottom of the groove in the flange head and the flat surface of the port or flange pad, providing a reliable soft seal. The alternate seal plate has a high durometer bonded rubber seal on the inside edge, which compresses between the two flat surfaces, providing a soft seal with the same reliability. A metal-to-metal contact at the outer face of the flange with the port face keeps the seal from extruding under pressure. This metal-to-metal contact is maintained by the clamping force provided by tightening the bolts via the clamps.

Formed Tube with ISO 6162 SAE J518 Connection_副本

This simple design provides several advantages over threaded port connections, such as NPTF, SAE, BSPP, ISO 6149, etc., in larger sizes:

•  Ability to connect up to 5 inch O.D tube (Code 61only)

•  Much lower tightening torque required from the four bolts compared to that required for equivalent size threaded port

•  Less tightening torque means smaller wrenches and wrench swing clearances — providing ease of assembly in tight quarters

•  Up to 6000 psi capability through 2” size (Code 62 only)

•  Single seal point between tube/pipe/hose assembly and the port

•  Ease of disassembly through use of split clamps

The connection has one disadvantage  it requires a larger area (foot print) on the component than an equivalent threaded port.

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