What Are Sae Flange Clamps

What Are Sae Flange Clamps

Date:May 05, 2019

SAE flange clamps is used to hydraulic fluid power system flange connections, clamping hydraulic hose assemblies, the flanged heads, sae flange adaptors, or hydraulic tubing by the o-ring seals  to cylinder.


SAE is Society of Automotive Engineers from USA, SAE J518 standard cover complete of flange clamps connection for hydraulic flanged tube, pipe, and hose connections. This standard is Canceled Mar 2013 as per J518_201303 version from sae org website. Now Jiayuanfitting use ISO 6162 standard split or one-piece flange clamps.  


Types of sae flange clamps including: four-blot flange clamps and split flange clamp halves. But iso sae flange clamps called one-piece flange clamps and split flange clamps. Jiayuanfittings also has pressure rating types of this products as following:

SAE code 61 3000 psi Flange Clamps for one-piece and split types

SAE code 62 6000 psi Flange Clamps for one-piece and split types


SAE flange clamps dimension chart is also according to ISO 6162, ISO Nominal Size including DN 13; DN 19; DN 25; DN 32; DN 38; DN 51; DN 64; DN 76; DN 89; DN 102; DN 127; Inch size: 1/2";3/4";1";1 1/4";1 1/2";2";2 1/2";3".


Assemblies of SAE Flange clamps as showed pictures: 

Assembled flange connection with one-piece flange clamp (FC or FCM) 

Chart of SAE Flange Clamps ISO 6162-2 code 62

SAE Split Flange Clamps Assembly for Hydraulic excavator

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