Types Of Hose Fitting

Types Of Hose Fitting

Date:Jul 13, 2020

Types of hose fitting


The hose fitting is available in the variety of pressure ranges, corrosion resistant, long life, and high performance capabilities. These fittings are very much suitable for connecting to the various equipment and other things. These kinds of fittings are available in the different models and sizes according to your needs. We are selling the hose fittings with various standards such as 


Metric standard

American standard

British standard

Interlock hose fitting

Double connector

Reusable fitting

Quick coupling

Other fittings



Thus whatever variety and the prices you are searching for we are here to give you the standard pipes at the reasonable rate. We are the best sellers  in the world in providing the best products to all the industries and customers around the world. For domestic construction machinery, mining machinery, hydraulic

equipment and other things we are providing the best products

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