Coupling size, installation and maintenance

Coupling size, installation and maintenance

Date:Nov 20, 2018

Size, installation and maintenance

The overall dimensions of the coupling, ie the maximum radial and axial dimensions, must be within the installation space allowed by the machine. It is convenient to install and disassemble, no maintenance, long maintenance period or convenient maintenance. It is not necessary to move the two shafts and adjust the coupling easily.

It is more difficult to adjust the two-axis alignment of large-scale machinery and equipment. You should choose a coupling that is durable and easy to replace consumables. Metal Elastic Element Flexible Couplings generally have a longer service life than non-metallic elastic element flexible couplings. The need to seal the lubrication and use the coupling that is not durable will inevitably increase the maintenance workload. For long-term continuous operation and high economic efficiency, such as the high-end of the rolling mill drive system of China's metallurgical enterprises, the gear coupling is generally used at present. Although the gear coupling is theoretically transmitted, the torque must be It can work hard under the conditions of good lubrication and sealing, and it is necessary to check the sealing condition frequently, inject lubricating oil, maintain the workload, increase the auxiliary working hours, reduce the effective working time and affect the production efficiency.

Transmission accuracy

The small torque and the shafting transmission based on the transmission motion require the coupling to have high transmission precision, and the flexible coupling of the metal elastic component should be selected. The shaft drive with high torque and transmission power also has requirements for transmission accuracy. When high speed, avoid the use of flexible joints with non-metallic elastic components and flexible joints between movable components. Diaphragm coupling with high transmission accuracy.

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