Staple Lock Fittings For Hydraulic Power Transmission Circuit

Staple Lock Fittings For Hydraulic Power Transmission Circuit

Date:Oct 10, 2020

Staple lock connectors are a fundamental part of any hydraulic circuit used in underground mining operations. They have a proven track record of being the best option for connecting and disconnecting hydraulic lines in tough and challenging environments.


Staple lock fittings adaptors are widely used in hydraulic power transmission circuit direct to-hose  nserts undergo a special surface treatment to produce a highly corrosion resistant surface, which is capable of meeting the demands of a tough working environment. In order to handle extreme conditions, many adaptors and inserts are also available in stainless steel.


Staple lock fittings hose insert suitable for use with either wire  braid or muti-spiral hydraulic hose, our range of inserts extends from DN6 (¼”) to DN89 (3½”).


Hydraulics offer two distinct types of staple lock adaptor; the SA series for low and medium pressure applications, and the SH series for high pressure applications. We also have a range of direct-to-hose staple lock inserts compatible with both the SA and SH families.


The SA Series is a traditional design of staple lock adaptor, available with both male and female staple ends as well as threaded options. The SA adaptor range covers a wide variety of configurations and sizes from DN6 (¼”) to DN76 (3”) and is suitable for low to medium pressure


The SH Series of adaptors has been developed to cope with the demands of high pressure mining applications; in particular, those which require large bore fluid conveyors. The SH family of adaptors is available in various configurations and sizes from DN12 (½”) to DN76 (3”).

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