Staple Lock Fittings For Australia Mining Hose Equipment

Staple Lock Fittings For Australia Mining Hose Equipment

Date:Oct 10, 2020

Staple lock hydraulic hose assemblies are used in the toughest mining applications around the world and are of the highest standard, meeting and exceeding additional performance standards specific to the Australia mining industry.

Mining hoses that are branded as FRAS (Flame Resistant and Anti-Static) means the hose meets the Flame Resistance and Electrical Conductivity requirements for hose used in underground mines as outlined in AS2660 when tested in accordance with AS1180.10B and AS 1180.13A. FRAS hoses are also MSHA approved for flame resistance. Mechanical Design Guideline Number 41 (MDG 41) is a best practice document created in response to an increasing number of high-pressure fluid injuries on Australian mine sites, and has been adopted throughout the global mining community.


Mining hose assemblies address key product-related issues highlighted by MDG 41. Our clients adhere to MDG 41 risk management strategies by using hydraulic hose and fittings and systems that are designed in synergy to create a safe, verified hose assembly and environment. 

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