SAE ISO DIN Types Of Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

SAE ISO DIN Types Of Hydraulic Adapter Fittings

Date:Jul 30, 2020

Types of Hydraulic adapter fittings is used to connect hydraulic hose,  hydraulic tubes and hydraulic pipes in high pressure, middle pressure and low pressuer of fluid power system. There are different standards of hydraulic adapter fittings chart as follows


SAE standard of Hydraulic adpater fittings:

SAE J514 37 degree flare tube fittings and adapter

SAE J1453 O-ring face seal tube fittings

SAE J518 4 bolt flange connection hose fittings, tube fittings and pipe adapter

SAE J512 automotive tube fittings and adapters

SAE J1231 hydraulic hose bead fittings and adapters

SAE J516 hydraulic hose fittings and adaptors

 SAE hydraulic Flange adapter ISO 6162 SAE J518 types

ISO series standard of hydraulic adapter fittings:

ISO 8434-1  24° cone bite type fittings

ISO 8434-2 Metric UNF 37° flare fittings

ISO 8434-3 Metric face seal fitting with ISO 6149 port

ISO 8434-4 24° cone bite type fittings with weld nipple

ISO 8434-6 60° cone connectors with BSPP threads

ISO 6162 Four bolt split flange connections – inch and metric bolts

 DIN 2353 ISO 8434-1 hydraulic adapter fittingds  types

JIC Hydraulic adapter Fittings SAE J514 ISO 8434-2 types

ORFS hydraulic adapter fittings SAE J1453 ISO 8434-3 types

DIN series standard of hydraulic adapter fittings:

DIN 2353 24° cone compression tube fittings

DIN 3861 24° cone machining and sleeve for compression fittings

DIN 3865 24° cone nipple with O-ring

DIN 3852-1  Metric parallel thread port (ISO 9974-1)

DIN 3852-2 BSPP parallel thread port (ISO 1179-1)

DIN 3852-3  Metric O-ring port (ISO 6149-1)

 BSP hydraulic adaptor fittings BS 5200 ISO 8434-6 types

JIS B8363 hydraulic adapter fittings

Port connections of hydraulic adapter fittings:

Metric Straight Thread O-Ring Port ISO 6149-1, SAE 2244-1/DIN 3852, Part 3

SAE Straight Thread O-Ring Port SAE J1926-1 and ISO 11926-1

Four-Bolt Flange Connection ISO 6162 and  SAE J518

Flat Face Port with British Standard Pipe Parallel BSPP thread ISO 1179-1 and DIN 3852, Part 2

Flat Face Port with Metric Threads ISO 9974-1 DIN 3852, Part 1

Taper thread port with metric, NPTF and BSPT.


Material types of hydraulic adapter fittings as follows:

Carbon steel: 12L14, C1045, C1008, C1010, C1020

Stainless steel:  316, 316L, 304.

Brass: CA360, CA345, CA694, CA335, CA443, CA444, CA377

Aluminum: 2024-T351 and 2014-T6


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