Pirtek Staple Lock Fittings Super Staplelok Adaptors For The Mining Industry

Pirtek Staple Lock Fittings Super Staplelok Adaptors For The Mining Industry

Date:Oct 10, 2020

Staplelok has its origins in the German coal mining industry. It is often referred to as Stecko, the name given to the product by its inventor, and derived from the German verb stecken meaning to pin, along with a truncation of O-Ring.


Staplelok has become the predominant hydraulic hose fitting world wide in underground coal mining.

Sealing and Identification: The male spigot is equipped with an annular O-Ring with Teflon backup ring that together seal against the cylindrical machined wall of the female coupling. Retention is via a horseshoe shaped square section staple that is inserted through holes in the female socket. The holes align with an annular slot in the male fitting.


Advantages: Allows connections to be made in confined spaces and in difficult environments. No torsional load is applied in the fitting, and connection is easy, with no need of spanners. A combination hammer and lever tool is commonly used to facilitate insertion and removal of staples.


Variations: Available in the original form, and a more recent Super form to cope with demands for higher working pressures. The Super form employs the same design characteristics, but uses an extra wide staple (sometimes in the form of 2 standard staples laminated together) to increase the shear strength of the staple. No published Standard exists for the Super form.


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