Metric To Sae Fittings Type

Metric To Sae Fittings Type

Date:Jun 24, 2020

Metric to SAE hydraulic fittings chart is  from metric thread hydraulic adapters to SAE J514 and SAE J1453 hydraulic tube fittings. It is metric hydraulic fittings chart including metric orfs fittings, metric hydraulic plug, metric compression fittings, metric ORB fittings, metric face seal fittings.ISO 6149 metric port and stud end fittings.


SAE Fittings is the society of Automotive Engineers define these fittings such as SAE tube fittings including SAE J514 37 degree flare fittings, SAE J1453 O-ring face seal fittings, SAE J1926 O-ring boss fittings,  SAE J518 flange fittings, they are commonly used in refrigeration, automotive, low pressure and high pressure applications.

Metric flare fittings to Metric ORB adapter

DIN 24 degree cone to Metric ORB adapter

Sae 3 ORFS fittings to Metric ORB adapter


SAE to metric adapters is the same function as metric to sae hydraulic fittings.

We also can offer other type of Hydraulic fittings sizes:

sae hydraulic fitting sizes

bsp hydraulic fittings sizes

metric hydraulic fitting sizes

DIN hydraulic fittings sizes

JIC hydraulic fittings sizes

ORFS hydraulic fittings sizes

ISO hydraulic fittings sizes


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