Metric Reusable Hydraulic Fittings In Komatsu Heavy Machinery

Metric Reusable Hydraulic Fittings In Komatsu Heavy Machinery

Date:Oct 05, 2020

Komatsu heavy machinery use their own special inverted metric reusable hydraulic fittings. These look visually the same as the JIC thread form, however they are a metric thread. Please measure your fitting & compare to chart. If it is a Komatsu machine, it will almost certainly have these special hose ends.


These zinc plated steel fittings are designed to be installed on to non skive two wire hydraulic hose manufactured to SAE 100R2 Specifications.

Option at no extra cost field fit body to suit SAE 100R1 Hose. Please specify on purchase if One (1) Wire body is required, otherwise Two (2) wire body will be shipped.

Each order comes with easy to follow assembly instructions.

Many other thread types and sizes available on request as well as adapters


Field Fit Hydraulic Hose fittings are a two (2) piece assembly made from Steel. Using basic hand tools and following a simple assembly procedure the 2 pieces are screwed Onto and Into a Hydraulic Hose. When fully assembled, the connection is rated to work safely up to the full pressure rating of the hose. Designed to repair damaged Hydraulic Hoses or to be used in new Hydraulic Hose assemblies, with using expensive equipment.

 Metric reusable hydraulic fittings in Komatsu heavy machinery

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