Metric O Ring Seal Tube Fittings, Hose Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings

Metric O Ring Seal Tube Fittings, Hose Fittings, Hydraulic Fittings

Date:Jun 24, 2020

Metric o ring seal hydraulic fittings are used for a wide range of  inch or metric tubing and hose, designed with o-ring and metal double seal, according to ISO 8434-3 and SAE J1453 standards; and are readily adaptable to port of pipe fitting and manifold such as ISO6149 standard, designed with o-ring seal by chamfer.

 Metric o ring seal tube fittings  SAE J 1453 ISO 8434_3

Metric o ring face seal tube fittings is also called metric orfs adapters, to connect hydraulic tube, hydraulic piping and hoses. Metric straight thread seal lok fittings is found in OEM customers such as tractor, excavator, loader, forklift etc orginal equipment manufacutring.

 Metric o ring seal hose fittings

Metric o ring face seal hose fittings is used to connect hydraulic hose, hose barb end with ferrule  is crimped with hydraulic hose; Metric ors fittings has male and female to connect hydraulic pipe adapters or tube fittings.

 DIN 24 degree cone to Metric ORB adapter

Metric o ring boss fittings is called orb adapters to connect hydraulic port, it is designed from metric orb end adapter to orfs tube fittings, jic tube fittings, DIN tube fittings, BSP hose adapters, JIS hose connectors, SAE flange fittings etc.  


DIN type of Metric o-ring seal tube fittings and hose fittings is designed according to ISO 8434-6, it is machined with 24 degree cone seal and o-ring seal, to connect hydraulic tubing and hose.


Metric Flat Face fittings is also designed for quick connecting and disconnecting, also called hydraulic quick release coupling. As this picture showed, to connect hydraulic tubing and hose for attachment assembly purpose.


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