Metric O Ring Face Seal Fittings Trends

Metric O Ring Face Seal Fittings Trends

Date:May 27, 2020

Metric o ring face seal fittings(orfs)  conform to the GB/T 9065.3 specifications, used in hydraulic power hose connector or quick action type, it is not in parker catalog of orfs hydraulic fitting sizes, not the same to iso 8434-3 standard, it is Chinese hydraulic fitting types and custom types such as komatsu flat face fittings and komatsu flange fittings.


Metric O-ring face seal tube fittings is used for the tube/hose end connection, It consists of a body, a flange or braze sleeve, an O-ring and a nut. the body of fitting is designed by orfs o-ring sizes, with metric thread.Female o-ring face seal end is designed by flat face and crimp swivel nut,  Other types of connection as follows:

orfs crimp fittings

jic to orfs fittings

orfs to npt adapters

flat face cap and plug kit

flat face o ring orifice


Please know the difference between orfs vs orb , ORFS is o-ring face seal for tube and hose connection, orb is o-ring boss for adapter port connection in blocks. ORFS is metal and o-ring double seal, ORB is only o-ring seal. It is two o-ring face seal and o-ring seal design difference.


We also can offer stainless metric fittings orfs types, female orfs type banjo fitting, komatsu orfs fitting sizes and orfs o-ring kit.


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