Metric Hydraulic Fittings Identification Chart

Metric Hydraulic Fittings Identification Chart

Date:Jul 04, 2020

You will know everything about metric hydraulic fttings.

Metric thread hydraulic fittings is most popular type of fluid connectors in the worldwides.  In Germany, metric thread of DIN 2353 and ISO 8434 standard tube compression fittings with 24 degree cone connector; Metric thread of DIN 7631 60 degree cone fittings; Metric thread of DIN 20078 series hose fittings, metric thread of DIN 74233 and 74234 45 degree cone fittings; In Japan, Metric thread of Komatsu fittings with 60 degree flare hose adapters JIS B2070, Metric thread of ORFS fittings; In France, Metric thread of flat face fittings used by hanomag, French GAZ and millimetric fittings.


Chinese Metric thread fittings types

In China, GB 3734.2, GB 3733.2 standard specific metric thread of 24 degree cone fittings, in some sizes the DIN 2353 metric fittings can mate with Chinese metric fittings. The Chinese metric thread standards include both a 37° flare and 45° flare, as well as a 37° and45° inverted flare. They all have the same metric thread form for a given tube size. The specifications are for the 37° flare GB 5625.2, for the 45° flare GB 5626.2 and for both the 37° and 45° inverted flares GB 5650. JB 1887 is metric thread for flat face o-ring face hose wittings and adapters.

 Metric 60 degree cone fittings

Metric JIC fittings

Metric ORFS fittings

Metric 24 degree cone fittings

Metric thread Identification

A screw thread in conformity with this International Standard is designated by the letter M followed by the values of the nominal diameter and of the pitch expressed in millimetres separated by the sign x.

Example : M 8 x 1.0 (Fine pitch 1.0)

The absence of the indication of pitch means that the coarse pitch is specified.

Example : M 8 (Coarse pitch 1.25)

Thread Identifying Tools You Need

A caliper is a useful tool that measures the outside diameter of a male thread and inside diameter of a female thread. 

A pitch gauge measures the threads per inch. For metric threads, this tool measures the distance between the threads.


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