Metric Hydraulic Fittings For Claas Agricultural Equipment

Metric Hydraulic Fittings For Claas Agricultural Equipment

Date:Aug 20, 2019

You will find DIN 2353 type of metric hydraulic fittings in the Claas Agricultural Machinery.

DIN metric hydraulic fittings 

In this picture showed DIN 2353 type is also the same to ISO 8434 type hydraulic fitting In Germany, Claas also choose it, it is Germany manufacturer of agricultural equipment including forage harvesters, combines, balers and tractors.


Metric hydraulic fitting adapters is Originated from German, Claas lexion jaguar harvester choose parker hydraulic fittings, all hydraulic hose end fitting size chart is DIN standard. Now Jiayuan also offer many types of metric hydraulic fittings as follows:

BEL metric hydraulic fittings

BSP to metric hydraulic fittings

Gates metric hydraulic hose fittings

Metric flate face hydraulic fittings

Metric JIC hydraulic fittings

Metric o ring hydraulic fittings

Voss metric hydraulic fittings

The belowed picture showed all types of hydraulic fittings for Claas

 CLAAS hydraulic fittings

Whatever Claas machinery need hydraulic top links, all need hydraulic hose assemblies to connect hydraulic system. Jiayuan can help you to identifying and measuring fluid power connections.


Other brand combines harvester also choose this type hydraulic pipe connectors such as John Deere, Agco, Case, Massey Ferguson, SDF group etc.

Johndeere metric hydraulic fittings 

Contact us for your hydraulic pipeline connection. 

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