JIS Metric Double Fittings Types

JIS Metric Double Fittings Types

Date:Jun 24, 2020

JIS metric double fittings type is machined with 30 degree flare end and Metric thread, according to Japanese industrial standard JIS. Similare to JIC fittings with 37 degree flare end but different is UNF thread. JIC fitting systems have three components that make a tubing assembly: fitting, flare nut, and sleeve.  JIS fittings system is only for hose adaper connection.

 Jis metric double fittings types size chart

Please click JIS vs JIC fittings, see difference. Komatsu hydraulic fittings is  metric thread interface with 30 degree flare, double fitting type is union of two ends. You will find famous brand catalog such as gates jis fittings, parker hydraulic fittings jis types,


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