Hydraulic Connector Information And Features

Hydraulic Connector Information And Features

Date:Apr 16, 2018

Hydraulic joint definition

Hydraulic joints are different hydraulic components (pumps, transfer lines, reversing valves, shut-off valves,Hydraulic motors, hydraulic cylinders, and some auxiliary components, such as liquid level gauges, thermometers, pressure gauges, etc., are connected to form a closed loop hydraulic system, which is a fitting for connecting.

Hydraulic joint features

The high-strength pressure that the hydraulic joint can withstand. If the hydraulic oil pipe joint has blisters, small holes or too high pressure, it cannot withstand such a large pressure, and the impact force generated by the blasting is quite large.

Hydraulic joint type

Hydraulic joints are mainly divided into two categories: hose joints, hard joints

Each of these two categories is divided into several subcategories:

1) Hose fittings are divided into one-piece hose couplings, crimping hose couplings, and internal locking

Hose fittings, detachable hose fittings, etc.

2) The hard pipe joint is also called the transition joint. It is divided into DIN card sleeve type and metric thread joint.

Inch threaded joints, American threaded joints, welded flanges, mining joints, etc.

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