Gates Staple Lock Fittings Ilok Coupling For Moving Longwall Mining Machinery

Gates Staple Lock Fittings Ilok Coupling For Moving Longwall Mining Machinery

Date:Oct 10, 2020

Gates staple lock fittings ilok coupling is for fluid power product line includes hydraulic hoses, couplings, adapters, and crimpers tailored to the demands of continuous and longwall mining equipment. Examples include Coal Power/Longwall Mine Hose for high pressure hydraulic lines in longwall equipment and roof-support systems; iLok couplings that reduce the time, cost, and risk of moving longwall machinery; and the GC  32Tsi “smart” crimper that uses the latest technology to make factory-quality, leak-free assemblies every time. For fluid transfer applications, Gates Mine Master industrial hoses and couplings are specifically designed to tackle tough mining challenges, including longwall emulsion lines, air drills, rock dust spraying, and hot water washdowns


Gates iLok coupling is designed to realize dramatic reductions in downtime when moving and re-assembling longwall mining equipment. Compared to a staple-lock coupling, it’s simpler,

safer, and faster.

A Coupling So Simple It’s Revolutionary

Simple to understand and use

Easy to connect and disconnect by hand

Withstands high impulse applications

Uses a secure, visible locking system

Releases residual pressure away from workers during disconnection

Compact, to fit in tight quarters

Smooth, to prevent abrasion against adjoining hoses



Rated at 6,000 psi (-4, -6, -8,-12, -16, -20, -24, -32, -40 sizes) & 5,000 psi (-48 size) for mining applications.

Rated at 5,000 psi (-4, -6, -8,-12, -16, -20, -24, -32, -40 sizes) & 4,000 psi (-48 size) for hydraulic applications.

Mining application is described as testing to 300,000 impulse tested at working pressure at 250°F (+121°C) with no leaks or failures.

Hydraulic application is at SAE standards at 133% working pressure, 250°F (+121°C) and at an increased 1 million impulse cycles with no leaks or failures.

4:1 design factor (burst pressure to working pressure ratio).

Tested in accordance with SAE-J343.

Approved for static impulse applications only.

TuffCoat Xtreme plating provides red rust protection that exceeds the 72-hour SAE standard by 1000 percent.

MSHA-approved for underground mining applications.

Offered as a new termination for Gates GlobalSpira family of stems.

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