Difference Hydraulic Fittings An Adapters

Difference Hydraulic Fittings An Adapters

Date:Jul 30, 2020

Hydraulic fittings and hydraulic adapters or adaptors is easy to confused by name, but they are same and difference. The same is usage in tube or hose connections for fluid power and hydraulic systems operating general use, within the limits of pressure and temperature specified.  Hydraulic adaptors or adapters scope is in the hydraulic fittings range, the same product with different name such as  UK choose adaptors or USA  choose fittings for hydraulic tube or hose connections.


Scopes of hydraulic fittings is bigger than hydraulic adapters, hydraulic adapters is only for connections from port to hose or tube connection, but hydraulic fittings ranges as follows:

Hydraulic tube fittings include the product of hydaulic adaptors(UK and Japanese often use as adaptors), ISO stnadards unionform the name as tube fittings, SAE standards have names such as hydraulic pipe adapters, hydraulic tube fittings and hydaulic hose fittings, with the correct usage names.

Hydraulic pipe fittings is designed for industrial pipe size, galvanized steel and stainless steel, to create an inlet or outlet in a rigid metal piping system. thread connection as per NPTF and UN/UNF (SAE): ASTM A108; BSPP: ISO 1179, ISO 8434-6; BSPT: DIN EN 10226-1, ISO 7-1 etc.

Hydraulic hose fittings is  used in conjunction with hydraulic hoses specified in SAE J517 and utilized in hydraulic systems on mobile and stationary equipment, for the 100R-series fittings. Other types of hose connection has barbed hose fittings, screw on hose fittings, quick disconnect hose fittings, quick turn hose fittings coupling, push to connect hose fittings, clamp on hose fittings , cam and groove hose fittings etc.

Hydraulic adapter fittings is designed with ISO 8434 series, the same product in UK, they called hydraulic adaptors.


Function types of hydraulic fittings as follows:

Hydraulic bulkhead fittings is designed with locknut type for fixing the tube or hose connections.

Hydraulic swivle fittings is designed with crimped nut or stainless steel wire through nut for pipe adapter connection to hose or tube.

Hydraulic union fittings is designed with the same hose or tube connection types.

Hydraulic banjo fittings is designed with bolt conection to hydraulic tubing or hoses.

Hydraulic plug fittings is designed for stopping the piping, hose ends and hydraulic manifold in fluid power system.

Hydraulic flange fittings is designed with SAE J518 4 bolts flange port connection to hydraulic flange adapter, hydraulic tubing and hose assembly.

Hydraulic ferrule fittings is designed with single ferrule or double ferrules from hydraulic tubing or piping to adapter connection.

Hydraulic compression fittings is the other name of hydraulic ferrule fittings.

Hydraulic flare fittings is designed with 30 degree flared, 37 degree flared tube and 45 degree flared tube connection.

Hydraulic quick connect fittings is designed for hydraulic hose assembly purpose.


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