Crane And Concrete Machinery: The Post Cycle Products Usher In The Recovery Peak

Crane And Concrete Machinery: The Post Cycle Products Usher In The Recovery Peak

Date:Mar 28, 2020

Crane and concrete machinery: the post cycle products usher in the recovery peak. The post cycle products usher in the peak of recovery and are expected to continue to grow at a high speed in 2020


Generally speaking, the service life of an excavator is about 8 years. From the end of 2016 to 2019, the excavator will enter the peak period of updating the stock equipment, which also directly accelerates the recovery of the construction machinery industry. As the post cycle products of construction machinery, the recovery of truck crane, concrete machinery and tower crane lags behind the excavator, and their service life is about 10 years. It is expected that the peak period of renewal will continue in the next few years.


As the later period products of construction machinery industry, crane and concrete machinery are expected to present the same recovery boom as excavators. According to the current sales data, cranes and concrete pump trucks are expected to continue the strong recovery momentum of excavators and become a strong driver of the continuous recovery of construction machinery.


From January to November 2019, a total of 39600 sets of truck cranes were sold, an increase of 33.2% year on year. The sales volume in the first 11 months has exceeded that of the whole year of 2018 and reached a record high. In 2019, the auto crane market presents the characteristics of "busy season and weak off season". In the peak sales season from February to may, the monthly sales growth of auto crane is more than 45%. The peak season also overdrawn the subsequent part of the demand, resulting in a year-on-year decline in the off-season sales from June to August.


However, after the second peak season of the "golden nine silver ten", the sales volume of auto cranes returned to the growth track, and the growth rate continued to climb. In November, the growth rate reached 33.7%, once again achieving high growth, and it is expected to maintain a rapid and stable growth momentum.

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