Coupling Connection Type And Selected Varieties

Coupling Connection Type And Selected Varieties

Date:Jan 23, 2019

Connection type 

The choice of coupling type depends on the connection type of the main and driven ends and the shaft. Generally, the key connection is used. It is a unified key connection type and code. In GB/T3852, seven keyway types are specified, and four keyless connections are provided. The type A key is used more.

Selected variety

According to the comprehensive factors such as the load type, speed and working environment of the power machine and the coupling, the coupling type is selected; the coupling type is selected according to the matching and connection conditions of the coupling; according to the nominal torque and the shaft hole diameter Select the specification (model) with the shaft hole length. In order to ensure the strength of the shaft and the key, after selecting the coupling model (specification), the shaft and key strength should be checked to determine the coupling type.

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