Catalog Of Banjo Hose Bolts, Banjo Pipe Fittings And Banjo Hose Fittings

Catalog Of Banjo Hose Bolts, Banjo Pipe Fittings And Banjo Hose Fittings

Date:Oct 13, 2020

We are a China top manufacturer and supplier of banjo bolt, banjo hose fittings, pipe fittings and tube fittings catalog, see details as follows in our product ranges. We can design what you need connections, with know-how and technology standard. To meet your hydraulic brake line, diesel engine line, air line and fluid power etc system requirement, in low, medium and high pressure working pressure rate.


Banjo bolts is one end connection with different thread and standards:

Metric Banjo bolt is DIN 7643 standard, it is compression coupling hollow screw for ring type banjos.

BSPP banjo bolt is machined with BSPP thread pipe connection, seal by bonded seal washer.

GB banjo bolt is made as per 3750.3 standard, with hollow screws with metric thread, it is designed connection for cutting ring fittings.  

 Banjo bolts

Banjo Fittings design types:

Standards of DIN 7643 banjo bolt and DIN 7642 banjo fittings

Company standards for hydraulic banjo adapters such as parker, gates, eaton, winner etc

Customized design is for OEM customer required

Brake banjo fittings in automotive hydraulic brake system

 Banjo Fittings design type

Hydraulic banjo fittings China supplier catalogue standard

Connection fitting types of banjo coupling:

JIC tube end according to SAE J514 and ISO 8434-2

Compression tube end is from DIN 2353 and ISO 8434-1

BSPP 60 degree cone tube connector is from BS 5200 and ISO 8434-6

Pipe port thread end with Metric, UNF, BSPP

Hose beaded end is from SAE J1231

Hose barbed end is from company standard

Reusable hose end is from company standard

Weld on tube end is different industrial standards

 Banjo Fittings design types

hydraulic banjo fittings

Shape of banjo banjo fittings:



Custom shape

 Catalog of Banjo hose bolts, banjo pipe fittings and banjo hose fittings

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