​Turbo Exhaust flange types

Date:May 15, 2020

Turbo exhaust flange type is mainly used in automotive repair and vehicle equipment manufacturer, material type has stainless steel and carbon steel. Flange type is designed with bolts,gasket, kit, clamp, adapter,split etc for exhaust system, connect to car 350 vortec engine header flange and stainless steel 4g63 exhaust manifold.


Turbo Exhaust flange bolts types as follows:

2 bolt exhaust flange

3 bolt exhaust flange

4 bolt exhaust flange

5 bolt exhaust flange

6 bolt exhaust flange

2 bolt exhaust flange adapter

3 bolt exhaust flange adapter

4 bolt exhaust flange adapter

5 bolt exhaust flange adapter


Exhaust flange fitting types as follows:

Exhaust flange gasket

Exhaust flange bolts

Exhaust flange clamps

Exhaust flange adapters

Turbo Exhaust flange

Exhaust flange repair kit


China exhaust flange manufacturing is mainly located in Yuyao, Ningbo city, Jiayuanfitting is leading and professional supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel exhaust flanges types in automotive repair components.


We also offer custom flange for different purpose, and custom types, please feel free to contact us by email ray@jiayuanfitting.com


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