Thread size on reusable hose fittings

Date:Sep 26, 2020

Types of thread size on reusable hose fittings is different, it is up to customer’s require, no the same standard. It is normal fine thread, there are two main types: UNF thread and Metric fine thread.  Eaton company often use UNF fine, also popular in USA. European often use metric fine thread and also UNF thread, but central lubrication system hose and fittings use metric thread.  


UNF 9/16-18 fine thread for 3/8” hydraulic hose SAE100R2AT, UNF 5/8-18 fine thread for 1/2” hose.  The screw ferrule will match with hose ends:

 UNF Thread size on reusable hose fitting endThread size usage for ferrule clamping purpose

M7x0.75 and M9x1 thread used in central lubrication system hose fittings and screw ferrule as picture:

 M7 and M9 thread size on reusable hose fittings on central lubrication system

UNF and Metric size chart on reusable hose fittings ends

 UNF and Metric size on reusable hose fittings end


Assembly of reusable hose fittings without specification, it is up to manufacturer design:

 Thread size usage for clamping purpose


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