Surface finish acceptance criteria for ORFS fittings

Date:Jun 10, 2019

Surface finish acceptance criteria for O-ring face seal connection is according to SAE J1453 and ISO 8434-3 tube fittings.



1 male adapter connector

2 female swivel connector

3 surface A

4 surface B

5 surface C

6 surface D


NOTE 1 Surface roughness: maximum arithmetical average of 3,2 µm on the surfaces.

NOTE 2 Raised extrusions are not permitted on sealing surfaces B and C.

NOTE 3 Annular (circumferential) tool marks up to 3,2 µm Ra maximum are acceptable. Scratches with a width greater than 0,13 mm running perpendicular, radial or spiral to the connector inside diameter on surface B and surface C are not acceptable. Surfaces with no depth or height are acceptable.

NOTE 4 On surfaces A and D, non-continuous surface imperfections are allowed providing they do not inhibit assembly of connectors.

a See Table 6 for clarification of the surface location on the female swivel connector that does not have the three distinct surfaces present. The surface inside diameter and outside diameter dimensions represent the total female face area contacted by the O-ring in each male connector O-ring groove.

b Area of O-ring placement.

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