Split flanges types

Date:May 15, 2020

Split flange types is designed with different industrial application purpose, such as exhaust split flange, pipe split flange, hydraulic split flange, plumbing split flange, hose split flange etc. Material types of split flanges has plastic split flange, stainless split flange, steel split flange.


Different standard of split flanges as follows:

Hydraulic split flange halves SAE J518 code 61 and code 62

Steel split flanges ASME B16.5 Class 150 and Class 300

ANSI split flanges

Split Exhaust flange

SAE split flanges

Plumbing split flanges

Split toilet flange


China split flange manufacturing is mainly located in Yuyao, Ningbo city, Jiayuanfitting is leading and professional supplier and manufacturer of stainless steel split flanges types in automotive, hydraulic, plumbing etc.


We also offer various split flange types for different purpose, and custom types, please feel free to contact us by email ray@jiayuanfitting.com 

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