SAEJ1453 SAEJ1926-2/3 SAEJ514 ISO11926 S

Date:Sep 28, 2019

The relations between SAE J1453 vs SAE J1926-2/3 vs SAE J514 vs ISO 11926-2/3 as follows:

Stud ends in conformance with ISO 11926-2(SAE J1926-2) are identical to those fittings in conformance with SAE J1453.

Stud ends in conformance with ISO 11926-3(SAE J1926-3) are identical to those fittings in conformance with SAE J514.

Stud ends in conformance with SAE J1926-3 (ISO 11926-3) are used on fittings In ISO 8434-2.

ORFS SAE J1453 SAE J1926-2 ISO 11926-2

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