SAE J531 automotive pipe filler drain plugs standards pdf

Date:Jul 25, 2019

SAE J531_201511 Standard includes complete general and dimensional specifications for those types of pipe, filler, and drain plugs (shown in Figures 1 to 6 and Tables 1 to 4) commonly used in automotive and related industrial applications.


References of SAE J531 standard as follows:

SAE J476 Dryseal Pipe Threads

SAE J846 Coding Systems for Identification of Fluid Conductors and Connectors

ASTM B 117 Method of Salt Spray (Fog) Testing

ISO 9227 Corrosion Tests in Artificial Atmospheres - Salt spray tests


Material and Manufacture

Plugs may be made from low carbon steel, cast iron, malleable iron, brass, bronze, or aluminum alloy as specified by purchaser, by casting, milling from the bar, or upsetting from a grade of material free of defects which will affect their serviceability.


Table 1 - Chamfer dimensions

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