SAE J528 automotive copper tubing specification standard

Date:Jul 08, 2019

SAE J528 _200606 is the standard for seamless copper tube intended for automotive and general purposes. Comparable specifications are ASTM B 75. Other copper tube is covered in SAE J463.


The SAE copper tube shall be cold drawn to size and after forming shall be annealed in such a manner as to produce a finished product which will meet all requirements of this SAE J528 standard.


Standards references as follows:

SAE J463—Wrought Copper and Copper Alloys

ASTM B 75—Specification for Seamless Copper Tube





Material—Unless otherwise specified by purchaser, tube shall be made from any one of the materials listed in Table 2. (UNS C1 2200 is most commonly used.) Average grain size of the tube shall be 0.040 mm, minimum.

Mechanical Properties—Tube shall conform to 


Ultimate Strength (Tensile), min 205 MPa (30 000 psi)

Yield Strength (Tensile), min 62.0 MPa (9 000 psi)

1 . At 0.5% extension under load. 

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