SAE J517 references related ISO SAE standards

Date:Jul 05, 2019

SAE J517 references related SAE standards as follows:

SAE J517 standards references as follows:

SAE J343  Tests and Procedures for SAE 100R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies

SAE J516  Hydraulic Hose Fittings

SAE J518  Hydraulic Flanged Tube, Pipe and Hose connections, Four-Bolt Split Flange Type

SAE J846  Coding Systems for Identification of Fluid Conductors and Connectors

SAE J1273  Recommended Practices for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies

SAE J1401 Road Vehicle—Hydraulic Brake Hose Assemblies for Use with Non petroleum Base Hydraulic Fluids

SAE J1453  Fitting—O-Ring Face Seal

SAE J1475  Hydraulic Hose Fittings for Marine Applications

SAE J1942  Hose and Hose Assemblies for Marine Applications

SAE J1942-1  Qualified Hoses for Marine Applications

SAE J1176  External Leakage Classifications for Hydraulic Systems

SAE J1927  Cumulative Damage Analysis for Hydraulic Hose Assemblies


SAE J517 references related ASTM standards as follows:

ASTM D 380  Standard Test Methods for Rubber Hose

ASTM D 471  Standard Test Method for Rubber Property-Effects on Liquids

ASTM D 792 Test Method for Specific Gravity (Relative Density) and Density of Plastics by Displacement


SAE J517 references related Federal standards as follows:

Federal Standard 595  Colors Used in Government Procurement


SAE J517 references related Military standards as follows:

MIL-PRF-83282  Hydraulic Fluid, Fire Resistant Synthetic Hydrocarbon Base, NATO Code Number H-537

MIL-H-8446  Hydraulic Fluid, Nonpetroleum Base, Aircraft

MIL-PRF-7808  Lubricating Oil, Aircraft Turbine Engine, Synthetic Base


SAE J517 references related ISO standards as follows:

ISO 1436-1 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies—Wire reinforced hydraulic types, oil based fluids—Specification

ISO 4397 Fluid power systems and components—Connectors and associated components—Nominal outside diameters of tubes and nominal inside diameters of hoses

ISO 1402 Rubber and plastics hoses and hose assemblies—Hydrostatic testing

ISO 1817 Rubber vulcanized—Determination of the effect of liquids

ISO 3862-1 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies—Rubber-covered, spiral wire reinforced, hydraulic type—Specification

ISO 3949 Plastics hoses and hose assemblies—Thermoplastics, textile-reinforced, hydraulic type—Specification

ISO 4079-1 Rubber hoses and hose assemblies—Textile-reinforced hydraulic type—Specification

ISO 4671 Rubber and plastic hoses and hose assemblies—Methods of measurement of dimensions

ISO 6803 Rubber or plastic hoses and hose assemblies—Hydraulic pressure impulse test without flexing

ISO 6945 Rubber hoses—Determination of abrasion resistance of the outer cover

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