SAE J517 Hose Identification requirement

Date:Jul 05, 2019

Except for hose with a wire braided exterior, the entire length of hose shall be legibly marked with one or more stripes parallel to the longitudinal axis. Marking shall include, but is not limited to, the SAE hose specification number, including type designation where applicable.

The metric hose size number, (Optional, the SAE dash size, the fractional (in) nominal hose inside diameter or both), the maximum working pressure of the hose and the date of manufacture, repeated with the first letter of each repeat not more than 760 mm from the first letter of that preceding.


No mention of the burst pressure or the design factor is allowed on the hose. This information could be misinterpreted and result in a hose being used above its maximum working pressure.

Working pressures may be shown on a hose in numerous ways and is not limited to the following examples:


XXXX Maximum W.P.

XXXX Max. Working Pressure


Electrically non-conductive 100R7, 100R8 and 100R18 thermoplastic hoses shall have an orange-colored cover.


The date of manufacture may be expressed as month, day, and year (2/19/88), month and year (2/88), or quarter and year (1Q88) at the option of the manufacturer.

Date of manufacture is optional with the manufacturer on SAE 100R7, 100R8 and 100R18.

SAE J517 hoses are referenced by listing, in sequence, the 100R number (100R1, 100R7, etc.), the hose type letters (AT or S) & (A or B for 100R14) where applicable, and the hose dash size number (–4, –16, –24, etc.).

EXAMPLES:  100R2AT-8  metric size 12.5, 2 Wire, Type AT

100R2S-8  metric size 12.5, 2 Wire, Type S thin cover, ISO working pressure

100R4-32  metric size 51, Suction Hose

100R14B-16  metric size 22, Electrically Conductive PTFE Hose


For hose with a wire braided exterior, information shall be incorporated on a tag or tape applied to each coil or length of bulk hose. Additionally, except for 100R14, a colored yarn shall be incorporated into the wall of the hose, identifying the manufacturer. The color shall be as designated by the Rubber Manufacturers Association.

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