SAE J2494 1 2 3 4 push-to-connect fittings standards

Date:Jul 19, 2019

SAE J2494:2019 is newest standard of dimensional specifications for metallic or no-metallic body push-to-connect fittings used on a vehicular air brake system.


SAE J2494 standard has four parts as follows:

SAE J2494-1 Dimensional Specifications for Metallic Body Push-to-Connect Fittings Used on a Vehicular Air Brake System

SAE J2494-2 Dimensional Specifications for Non-Metallic Body Push-to-Connect Fittings Used on a Vehicular Air Brake System

SAE J2494-3 Performance Requirements for SAE J844 Non-Metallic Air Brake Tubing and Push to Connect Fitting Assemblies Used in Vehicular Air Brake Systems

SAE J2494-4 Cartridge Cavity


Scope of SAE J2494-1, 02, -3,-4 standards as follows:

SAE J2494/1_201705 overs general and dimensional specifications for brass bodied reusable Push to Connect tube fittings for use in the piping of vehicular air brake systems. This type of fitting is intended for use with nylon tubing per SAE J844. See SAE J2494-3 for the Performance Requirements of Reusable (Push to Connect) Fittings Intended for Use in Automotive Air Brake Systems and U.S. Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS) 571.

SAE J2494/2_2017 covers general dimensional specifications for non-metallic body reusable push to connect tube fittings for use in the piping of air brake systems on automotive vehicles. This type of fitting is intended for use with nylon tubing per SAE J844. It is not intended to restrict or preclude other designs of a tube fitting for use with SAE J844. Performance requirements for SAE J844 are covered in SAE J1 1 31 . See SAE J2494-3 for the performance requirements of Reusable (push-to-connect) fittings intended for use in Automotive Air Brake Systems and U.S. Department of Transportation FMVSS 571 .1 06.

SAE J2494/3_201902 is intended to establish uniform performance criteria and methods of testing push-to-connect tube fittings, with SAE J844 air brake tubing as used in vehicular air brake systems.he specific tests and performance criteria applicable to the tubing are set forth in SAE J844. The test values contained in this performance standard are for test purposes only. For environmental and usage limitations, refer to SAE J844.

SAE J2494/4_201810 covers complete general and dimensional data for the manufacture of, T6061-T6 Aluminum cavities designed to receive Push To Connect thread-less fittings known as “cartridges“, for air brake applications. This document is not intended to specify or recommend any style or manufacture of such cartridges but to establish uniform cavity dimensions for interchangeability purposes.

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