SAE J1273 hose selection and routing standard

Date:Jul 09, 2019

SAE J1273 specifies interacting factors influence hose service life and the ability of each hydraulic fluid-power system to operate satisfactorily, and the combined effects of these factors on service life are often unpredictable. Therefore, hydraulic hose specification documents should not be construed as design standards.


For applications outside the specifications in SAE J517, SAE J514, or other relevant design standards, performance of hose assemblies should be determined by appropriate testing.


Carefully analyze each system. Then design routings and select hose and related components to meet the system-performance and hose-service-life requirements, and to minimize the risks of personal injury and/or property damage. Consider the following factors:

System Pressures


External Pressure



Compatibility Between Hose Materials and Hydraulic Fluids


Static-Electric Discharge


Unintended Uses

Specifications and Standards

Unusual Applications

Hose Cleanliness

Hose Fittings


Hose Cover Protection

External Physical Abuse

Swivel-Type Adapters

Live Swivels

Slings and Clamps

Minimum Bend Radius

Elbows and Adapters



Hose and Machine Tolerances


Hose Length Change Due to Pressure

Hose Movement and Bending

Prevent Hose Bending in More Than One Plane

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