SAE J 343 test procedures 100R series hydraulic hose assemblies standard

Date:Jul 09, 2019

SAE J 343 DEC2017 standard is for Test and Test Procedures for SAE 1 00R Series Hydraulic Hose and Hose Assemblies. SAE J343 has been revised to be technically equivalent to ISO 6605, except that additional tests in 4.9 to 4.1 4 were included.


SAE J 343 standard gives methods for testing and evaluating performance of the SAE 1 00R series of hydraulic hose and hose assemblies (hose and attached end fittings) used in hydraulic fluid power systems.


SAE J 343 Specific tests and performance criteria for evaluating hose assemblies used in hydraulic service are in accordance with the requirements for hose in the respective specifications of SAE J51 7.


SAE J 343 references standards as follows:

SAE J51 7 Hydraulic Hose

ASTM D380 Standard Methods of Testing Rubber Hose

ASTM D5964 07 Standard Practice for Rubber IRM 901 , IRM 902, and IRM 903 Replacement Oils for ASTM No. 1 , ASTM No. 2, and ASTM No. 3 Oils

ISO 3448 Industrial liquid lubricants - ISO viscosity classification

ISO 6605 Hydraulic fluid power - Hose assemblies - Method of test

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