SAE Flange full form from Jiayuan

Date:May 15, 2019

SAE Flange full series is used to hydraulic fluid power flange connections, SAE J518_201303 pdf covers hydraulic flanged tube, pipe, and hose connections, split flange clamps and one-piece flange clamps. It is same to ISO 6162 standards.

Jiayuanfiting can offer SAE four-blot flange connection as follows:

As per the rated working pressure types:

SAE flange pressure rating

SAE flanges 3000 psi

ISO 6162 1 flanges

ISO 6162 2 flanges

SAE flanges 6000 psi

code 61 flange pressure rating

As per SAE flange connections types:

SAE flange adaptors

SAE blind flanges

SAE flange clamps

SAE flange couplings

SAE pump flange

SAE flange socket weld

SAE flange butt weld

SAE flange hose fittings

SAE flange block

SAE split flanges

SAE Flange Full Form Types

Hydraulic flange fittings has shapes as follows:

Square flanges

Oval flanges

O-ring flanges

Anchor flanges

Round flanges

Porvide SAE flange dimensions chart as follows:

SAE flange o ring groove dimensions

SAE mounting flange dimensions

SAE J518 code 62 flange dimensions

SAE pump flange dimensions

SAE 2 blot flange dimensions

ISO 6164 flange dimensions

SAE Flange Blocks and manifold types

As per Companies standards of sae flanges:

Caterpiller split flanges

Komatsu split flanges

SAE Flange related Standards as follows:

SAE J518-1

SAE J518-2

SAE J518-3

ISO 6162-1

ISO 6162-2

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