What are types of Sae flange adaptors

Date:May 20, 2019

Sae flange adaptors is one kind of hydraulic flange fittings, flanged head end is standard of ISO 6162-1 and ISO 6162-2, also same to SAE J518 code 61 and SAE J518 code 62.


SAE flange adapters ends as follows:

SAE Flange Adapters with 24° Cone Connector as per ISO 8434-1 / DIN 2353

SAE Flange Adapters with ORFS tube coonector as per ISO 8434-3/SAE J1453

SAE Flange Adapters with 37° flare tube Connector as per ISO 8434-2/SAE J514

SAE Flange Adapters with 60° cone tube connector as per ISO/DIS 8434-6

SAE Flange Adapters with DIN 60° cone end as per DIN 7631dimensions


sae flange weld adapter ends as follows:

Sae flange adapter with socket weld

Sae flange adapter with butt weld


Our Sae flange adapters cataloug is interchangeable to gs hydro catalogue, used in Industrial Hydraulics and Mobile Hydraulics as follows:

Injection Moulding Machinery

Aluminium Die-Casting Machinery

Sintering Machinery

Steel Mills

Hydraulic Presses

Paper Processing

Building Machinery

Agricultural Machinery

Forestry Machinery

Lifting and Material Handling Equipment

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