SAE 3000 flange vs SAE flange 6000 psi dimensions

Date:May 15, 2020

SAE 3000 flange and see 6000 flange dimensions is different, although all is made as per SAE J518 and ISO 6162 standards.SAE 3000 psi code 61 flange is for standard working pressure rate series(ISO 6162-1 and SAE J518-1); SAE 6000 psi code 62 flange is for high working pressure rate series(ISO 6162-2 and SAE J518-2).


Dimensions of SAE 3000, 6000 flange types as follows:

Split flange halves

SAE flange clamps one piece

SAE weld flange

Cat sae flange

SAE Flange Fittings


China sae 3000 6000 flange dimension is mainly used as hydraulic flange components in excavator, loader, forklift,shipbuilding etc.


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