SAE 2 bolt vs 3 bolt vs 4 bolt flanges difference

Date:May 15, 2020

SAE J518 bolt flange types is from ISO 6162 standard, SAE 2 bolt and SAE 3 bolt flange dimensions is based on SAE 4 bolt flange standards used in hydraulic flange in construction machinery.


Difference standards of SAE bolt flanges as follows:

4 bolt flange is produced as per SAE J518-1 code 61 and SAE J518-2 code 62 for hydraulic flanged tube, pipe, and hose connections.

3 bolt flange dimensions is produced as per SAE J518 standards, only missing one hole for gear pump hydraulic flange.

2 bolt flange is produce as per SAE J518-3 standard, it is hydraulic flange clamps with 2 screw flange connection, to be used with sae j518-1 code 61 connections where only low pressure is required.


SAE 2 bolt, 3 bolt and 4 bolt flanges is used as hydraulic flanges, the same point is dimensions based on SAE J518 and ISO 6162 standards.

Product type of hydraulic SAE flange as follows:

SAE 4 bolt flange

SAE 2 screw flange

SAE 3 bolt flange


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