SAE 100R2AT reusable Hose Fittings Size

Date:Sep 26, 2020

Size chart of Reusable Fittings for SAE 100R2AT hydraulic hose is similar, but no International standard, there are company standards such as Weatherhead H425, Parker 301, Gates G2, Aeroquip FC212, Recommended for hydraulic lines with petroleum and water-based fluids. Reusable hose fittings meet the same performance requirements as permanently attached crimp fittings.


Size chart of Reusable hose ferrule

 SAE 100R2AT reusable ferrule size chart


Size chart of Reusable hose fittings

 SAE 100R2AT reusable fitting size chart


Size chart of Reusable hose couplings

 SAE 100R2AT reusable hose end couplings size chart


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