ORFS tube nut size chart SAE J1453

Date:Jun 10, 2019

ORFS tube nut size chart is according to SAE J1453 or ISO 8434-3 standards, including Standard tube nut (NA) and high-strength tube nut (NB).  


a Thread minor diameter.

b Chamfer or radius hex corners L 45 minimum, both ends.

c Corner break, 1 mm max.

d Required identification for style B (high-strength) nut; see 4.3.

e Both sides.

f Tube nut style A (NA) (standard) is not suitable for copper braze assemblies.

g Tube nut style B (NB) (high-strength) is suitable for all assemblies.

h For tube outside diameter u 12 mm.

i For tube outside diameter > 12 mm.

j Corner break.



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