ORFS bulkhead fittings size chart SAE J1453

Date:Jun 10, 2019

ORFS bulkhead fittings SAE J1453 size chart is assembled with bulkhead body and locknut, two connection ends are the same to O-ring face seal, has stainless steel bulkhead, brass bulkhead fittings. 


Bulkhead connectors (BH) and corresponding bulkhead locknuts (LN)

a) Bulkhead (straight) (BHS)

b) 90° bulkhead elbow (BHE)

c) Bulkhead run tee (BHRT)

d) Bulkhead branch tee (BHBT)

e) 45°f) Bulkhead locknut (BHLN)

f)  bulkhead elbow (BHE45)




For details not shown here, see Figure 2 and Table 6.

a Maximum bulkhead thickness: 14 mm.

b Distance from last full-form thread to bearing face.

c Pilot diameter equal to thread outside diameter.

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