Metric taper adapters overview chart

Date:Jun 24, 2020

Metric taper adapter meaning

Metric taper thread adapter is designed by DIN 158-1 and ISO 68-1 standard, it use the basic metal to metal sealing design for achieving a seal by taper thread. Male metric taper thread adapters will match with female Metric port fittings, most popular in Germany.  Today, the tapered internal thread is still in use according to the old standard DIN 158. The thread is used on sealing screws, screw-in connectors and lubrication nipples.


Metric taper thread

Tapered external thread for pipe fittings with sealing compound. According to DIN 158-1, only the external thread is conical, the internal thread is cylindrical. According to the old standard DIN 158, internal and external thread are tapered.The flank angle is 60°.



Metric port fittings in central lubrication system

Metric taper thread adapters choose M6-keg, M8-keg and M10-keg, tube end designed according to DIN 2353 or ISO 8434-1 standards of 24 degree cone tube fittings, M8, M10 and M12 of cutting ring fittings, to connect lubrication system lines.

 Metric taper adapters size  chart

Famous brand of metric taper adapters in market

Parker fittings catalog

Adaptall catalog

 Metric taper adapters elbow parker chart

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