JIS vs BSP fittings standards

Date:Aug 31, 2019

JIS and BSP fittings has the same sealing type of 60 degree cone tube connectors, and the same BSPP thread as per ISO 228-1 G, JIS B 0202. But JIS and BSP fittings is not inchangeable.


Differences of JIS vs BSP fittings standards as follow:


Standard difference

JIS fittings standard is as per Japanese industry standard such as JIS B8363. 

BSP fittings is as per British standard institue BS5200 stnadards the same to ISO 8434-6 standard.

JIS B8363 standards is based on BS5200.

JIS VS BSP Fitting dimensions difference table I2 I3 

Size difference

Thread length

60 degree angle diameter

The undercut area of BSP fitings is also used as stud fittings function with bonded seal. JIS fittings is not this usage.

 JIS vs BSP fittings sizes drawings difference

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 JIS and BSP fittings usage leakage problems

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