JIC hydraulic fittings catalogue

Date:Aug 26, 2019

There are many Brand catalog of JIC hydraulic fittings such as Parker, Gates, Eaton, worldwidefitting, mysspusa, brenaninc, ryco, airway, alfagoma, forfittings, pirtek, fluiconnecto, tompkinsind, stauff, voss, hansa-flex etc. All JIC hydraulic fittings catalogue is according to ISO 8434-2 and SAE J514 standards.


Content of JIC hydraulic fittings catalogue from Jiayuan as follows:

Tube to tube union JIC fittings

Tube to NPT JIC fittings

Tube to BSP JIC fittings

Tube to SAE ORB JIC fittings

Tube to Metric ORB JIC fittings

Tube to swivel nut JIC fittings

JIC nuts sleeves

JIC conversion adapters


If you need JIayuan JIC 37 hydraulic fittings SAE J514/ISO 8434-2 pdf catalogue, please feel free to contact us. 

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