JIC 37 flare vs AN 37 flare fittings

Date:Mar 17, 2020

JIC 37 degree flare fittings is according to Joint Industry Council (JIC) industrial standards, These fittings include the 37° flare, flareless, hose connections, "banjo" type fittings, specialized flange fittings, pipe fittings and other types of connections. AN 37 flare fittings is according to AN( Air Force - Navy Aeronautical Standard) and AND (Air Force - Navy Aeronautical Design Standard) are standards used by the U.S. Military in aviation applications. 


JIC 37 flare fittings is also called SAE/ ISO 37 degreee flare fittings, it is most popluar type in industries hydraulic system such as construction machinery, agricultural equipment, industrial valve and instrument area. AN fittings is often used in automotive and aircraft fuel line connection system such race manufacturing.


JIC  fittings standardized AN fittings, change the precision 3A/3B threads into 2A/2B thread class for ease in manufacturing,  SAE standard developed JIC 37 degree flare fittings into SAE J514 in 1950, SAE 37 degree flare fittings become to ISO 8434-2 standard in 1996.


AN 37° flare and industrial 37° flare fittings function identically. In many cases they appear to be functionally interchangeable, but they are not. What this means is that while the products may look similar, you must not use an industrial 37° flare fitting design as a direct substitution.


Jiayuanfitting also can offer you two type of 37 degree flare fittings as per your need. 

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